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Restoration Shampoo

Restoration Shampoo


Restoration Shampoo is a soft and gentle shampoo that soothes and cleans in one step. As hair ages it becomes duller and lifeless due to factors such as stress, environmental exposure, and chemical treatments.
Restoration Shampoo is formulated with proteins and amino acids that mimic the "natural moisturizing factor" of healthy skin and hair. Keeps hair hydrated and conditioned and helps infuse hair with those missing links that disappear as we age.Natural algae and citrus(Also Known as SEAMOSS) help smooth and close the cuticles to lessen damage caused by daily stresses and styling.

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    *SEAWEED- stimulates and revitalizes
    *ALGAE - strengthens strands
    *SEA KELP- conditioning agent

    Chondrus Crispus Flakes, crushed seaweed granules help to remineralize the hair to improve combing sheen and softness. This combined with Sea Kelp and Algae extracts help hair retain moisture 10 amino acids work to strengthen and condition the hair.
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